Who is Ozi?


A middle-aged man, married to a British wife, dad of twins girls. I’ve moved to the UK with my family in 2015 from Prague, where I lived and worked for over 15 years. I knew no one other than my wife’s family and her friends but I was hungry for a new beginning. We settled in Amersham, I’ve become a full-time dad, which I love.


I have always turned to my kitchen when I felt homesick or felt lonely.

A quick fix of childhood flavours, finding comfort in the food I grew up with, remembering friends, family, memories and legacies I’ve left behind in the places that I have lived.

Although, it is the very same kitchen I turn to when I wanted to meet with our new neighbours or make new friends, inviting them over for a BBQ or brunch with profoundly Levantine and Middle Eastern food.

For me a simple way of showing myself while hoping it is opening doors and letting us into their lives.

Food was a tremendous part of this new beginning and making new connections. Which led me to go back to my profession as a chef to work in London at Honey & Smoke restaurant where I was able to share and exchange the same love of food with many guests and colleagues. But the pressure of both parents commuting while leaving both of our daughters behind made me think of finding a way to balance the love of family and the love of food.


Hence is born Ozi Lala, my Levantine Street Food truck where I am able to offer quality interpretations of classic flavours of street food, work as a chef and spread the love, also being able to be with my daughters and family as a stay-home-dad.



If you would like Ozi Lala to be part of your event with Levantine Street Food and Grazing Tables, please contact Ozi.